Hair die and highlights

Are you feeling stifled, wanting something to add a little spice to your life? Changing your hair colour won’t revolutionize your life, but it could make it a bit more fun.

We die hair for many reasons. Some people are chasing greys away, others want to add a bit of dimension and some want to go wild. Each client has her own aim, a wish that we are able to fulfil. We will listen to your goals, examine your hair and counsel you on the best solution.

There is no replacement for a professional highlighting or hair die application. Doing it yourself is risky! It probably isn’t going to turn out how you want it to and you could damage your hair. We have been working with hair colour products for a long time. Entrust your hair to us and you can be sure that it will look good.

Add colour to your hair

Want to change things up with fresh new hair colour or to touch up your roots? We use a professional line of products that give consistent colours that last. Want hair highlights or stunning ombre? Our experienced stylists will help you turn heads and look stunning!

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Coloured highlights Saskatoon

Hair highlights for men

Hair bleaching Saskatoon

Choose ombre hair or another style from our magazines, our gallery or wherever you find inspiration!

Hair colour prices

Women’s Hair Colour

Single Process Hair Colour16+$85*
Foils & Highlights16+$100*
Specialty Colour16+$125*
*These are the starting prices.

Men’s Hair Colour

*This are the starting prices.

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