Haircuts for the whole family

Infinity Salon is the best place in our area for a haircut (Saskatoon barbers included).

Want a trendy zero-fade cut for the boys or layered trim for the girls? We provide haircuts for the whole family.

Whether you are looking for the latest trend or a classic haircut style, we have the experience and know-how to ensure you end up looking great! Our team of Journeyman Stylists have performed haircuts on thousands of customers. You’ll be in good hands here.

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Haircuts & Styling in Martensville & Warman

Haircuts for kids Saskatoon

Zero fade mens haircuts

Hair salon in Martensville

Choose a hairstyle from our magazines, our gallery or wherever you find inspiration!

Haircut prices sorted by gender and age

Women’s haircuts

*Specialty cuts for women cost more.

Family haircuts

Girls 10-15$25*
*Specialty cuts for girls cost more.

Men’s haircuts

*Specialty cuts for men cost more. For men’s cuts combos, check out our Barbershop page.

More Hair Styling Services