Haircuts for the whole family

Have you been feeling conscientious about the state of your hair? Was scheduling a hair appointment at the top of your priority list for after lockdown? You aren’t the only one! Infinity Salon is the best place in our area for a haircut (Saskatoon barbers included).

Want a trendy zero-fade cut for the boys or layered trim for the girls? We provide haircuts for the whole family.

Whether you are looking for the latest trend or a classic haircut style, we have the experience and know-how to ensure you end up looking great! Our team of Journeyman Stylists have performed haircuts on thousands of customers. You’ll be in good hands here.

Coronavirus Haircuts

Sometimes we have to lose something before we truly appreciate it. It was that way for hair salon services. Everyone is starting to see hairdressers with new eyes. “Aren’t they essential workers…isn’t a hair cut a necessity of life?” We aren’t saving lives but we can make them a little more enjoyable.

We make sure that is is safe for you to visit out salon. We screen our patients, sanitize: doing our part to keep our community healthy.

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Haircuts & Styling in Martensville & Warman

Haircuts for kids Saskatoon

Zero fade mens haircuts

Hair salon in Martensville

Choose a hairstyle from our magazines, our gallery or wherever you find inspiration!

Haircut prices sorted by gender and age

Women’s haircuts

*Specialty cuts for women cost more.

Family haircuts

Girls 10-15$25*
*Specialty cuts for girls cost more.

Men’s haircuts

*Specialty cuts for men cost more. For men’s cuts combos, check out our Barbershop page.

More Hair Styling Services