Hassle-free hair

Would you like hassle-free curls? What about hair that stays permanently straight? Maintaining your hair is simple with hair perms! We can straighten or curl your hair so you don’t have to.

Imagine having camera-ready hair all the time! Sure, you can’t socialize like you used to, but you still want to look gorgeous. A perm ensures that you’ll look your best on every video call and in those chance encounters.

Perms for women (and men too)

Perms are have made comeback in a big way. It could be a little bit of ’80s nostalgia. It could be that we’ve all had to reevaluate our priorities. Looking good is still important in an age of self-care and mental wellness. A low maintenance hair solution brings all those things together.

Curl or straighten your hair

Tired of spending hours curling or straightening your hair? It could be time for a more permanent solution. Perm hair can mean permanent curly hair (tight or loose) or permanent straightening. The choice is yours. Perms can last up to six months. Some have reported their permanent curls lasting for eight months!

Long hair is easy when you use hair extensions, curly or straight. Click here to learn more about our hair extension options.

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Permanent straightened hair

Salon that does permed hair Saskatoon

Mens perm

Choose a hairstyle from our magazines, our gallery or wherever you find inspiration!

Perm prices

Woman’s Perms

Long Hair$120*
Short Hair$90*
*These are the starting prices.

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