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Skincare Products: moisturisers and more

Hempz - Shop CBD Haircare Products
Hempz makes hair and skin care products from CBD (cannabidiol not cannabis). Their products benefit from its soothing anti-inflammatory properties. Look for other ingredients like eucalyptus and tea tree oils. We carry their herbal body moisturiser.
SPARITUAL is a sustainable, vegan-based beauty brand. They pride themselves on using organic natural ingredients purchased through fair trade. Some of the products we carry are their body salve and vegan nail colour. You can extend your spa treatment by taking home SPARITUAL beauty products.

Mirabella bridal makeup
Mirabella makeup is our choice cosmetics brand. We aren’t the only ones who prefer it! It is a favourite of beauty professionals and people who don’t want gluten, lean or paraben. This makeup has antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to enrich the face, eyes and lips.
Body Drench skin care lip care body care
Body Drench
Satin Smooth wax warmers skincare and paraffin
Satin Smooth
CND Vinylux nail color and nail polish
CDN Vinylux

Other Beauty & Self-Care Products

Kasina Professional false eyelashes
Kasina Lashes
Magic Mud charcoal selfcare
My Magic Mud